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“Such leadership demands that we retrieve a fundamental insight of Roosevelt, Truman, and Kennedy -- one that is truer now than ever before: the security and well-being of each and every American depend on the security and well-being of those who live beyond our borders. The mission of the United States is to provide global leadership grounded in the understanding that the world shares a common security and a common humanity.”

- President Obama, “Foreign Affairs Magazine”

We are a non-profit membership community of professionals who care deeply about America’s role in the world and believe that achieving smart, strong, and principled foreign policy requires robust engagement with the political process. We connect key members of Congress with the resources – both financial and non-financial – that empower them to advocate shared foreign policy values.

Based in Washington DC, our thousands of members make their voices heard by donating their time, expertise, and money to support our Allies, like-minded candidates, Representatives, and Senators. Our leadership works diligently to grow and engage that community through high-profile events on critical topics. We also build and maintain essential relationships on Capitol Hill that allow us to channel member resources effectively to our Allies.

The organization also includes the America’s Impact Political Fund, an innovative members-directed PAC that contributes to the campaigns of Allies that share the values of America’s Impact.

Our Values

  • - America must adapt its politics to face a globalized world that now blurs and erases many of the traditional borders between “domestic” and “foreign” policy.
  • - American foreign policy should recognize the equally important and integrated roles of diplomacy, assistance, trade, development, and defense in building a safer and more secure world.
  • - American interests are best promoted by supporting the development of human rights, political liberty, rule of law, and economic opportunity around the world.
  • - America is strongest when we work with allies, support global institutions, and play a vital role in leading the international community.

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