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Why should I fill out the Member Form?

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What is your relationship to the previous America’s Impact?

America’s Impact was originally founded in 2002 by Karen Mulhauser as a political committee to elect members of Congress with responsible foreign policy positions. Following the 2008 election, leadership of the organization passed to Foreign Policy Professionals for Obama (FPPfO), an independent grassroots organization of foreign policy professionals devoted to sharing and discussing Senator Obama's foreign policy programs and advancing his national security credentials. America’s Impact has re-launched with the blessing of the previous Board of Directors and is committed to promoting similar ideas and values to those of the original America’s Impact.

What happened to Foreign Policy Professionals for Obama?

As a grassroots organization dedicated to the historic 2008 election, FPPfO’s work ended with the President Obama’s election. The organization will be dormant until the presidential election cycle in 2012, where we hope it will play an active roll in the re-election of President Obama.

While America’s Impact is a distinct organization from Foreign Policy Professionals for Obama, members of FPPfO will recognize a lot about AI. We’re very similar in scope and programming, but dedicated to promoting the foreign policy ideas that made the election of 2008 so important for the United States and the world.

In other words: the success of FPPfO means that our work now turns to the US Congress, where Democrats, Republicans, and Independents can all help turn good ideas for America into a reality.

I work for the Federal Government. May I join America’s Impact?

Employees of these agencies may still join and contribute to America’s Impact. However, they may not hold office in the organization and cannot participate directly in organizing or promoting campaign events, including selling event tickets or distributing campaign material. Please see US Office of Special Counsel’s page on the Hatch Act for more information.

Please see US Office of Special Counsel’s page on the Hatch Act for more information.

Please make sure to review the rules that apply to your agency. If you need information or have any further questions about your involvement with America’s Impact, feel free to email us.

I am not a US citizen or naturalized resident of the United States. May I join America’s Impact?

Yes! There are no citizenship limitations to involvement with any 501(c)(4) organization. Whether you are a US citizen or a foreign national, you are welcome to join and donate to America’s Impact. However, US federal election law prohibits foreign nationals from making any contributions or expenditures in connection with any election in the United States - including donations to PACs. US law does not limit your participation with America’s Impact, but it prohibits you from donating to the AI Political Fund.

How do I get more involved? Can I help host an event?

If you are interested in becoming more involved with the leadership and management of America’s Impact, or if you have an idea for a foreign policy event you would like to help host on behalf of America’s Impact, please email us.