Representative Adam SmithRepresentative Adam Smith

Key Information

  • District: Washington’s 9th
  • Party: Democrat
  • Term: 1997-2014
  • Committees: House Armed Services Committee (Ranking Member)
  • Caucuses: 21st Century Healthcare Caucus, European Union Caucus, Goods Movement Caucus, Intellectual Property Caucus (Co-Chair), International Conservation Caucus, Waterways Caucus, Congressional Arts Caucus
  • Ally Since: 2012


Adam Smith has represented the 9th district of Washington since 1997, serving 9 terms as a democratic member in the US House of Representatives. Now in his 9th term, Adam serves as Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Committee. Understanding the need for a holistic approach to national security, Adam recognizes the importance of poverty reduction, access to education, sustainable global markets, diplomatic engagement, good governance and other measures to enable our pursuit of stable international partners. As such, he has been a long-time advocate of strengthening American diplomacy and development as well as defense.

Foreign Policy Views

"International leadership is not easy, but we must not step back from this responsibility. I believe this responsibility is also an opportunity. We are the world's only superpower, and we can have enormous impact on the quality of life for millions of people. We must continue to engage in trade negotiations that will improve our economy and the economies - and quality of life - for the people of the countries with whom we trade. We must continue to support policies for positive economic growth through the International Monetary Fund and World Bank to assist developing countries. At the same time, we must meet our obligations to these international institutions and assist the developing countries as they build their economic and social services infrastructure."

Source - Adam Smith on International Leadership.

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